Regulations of food hygiene and safety

Gia Huy Catering always comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Health in the administration and implementation of collective kitchens in customers. The goal of our region is "Quality is guaranteed meals, food safety commitment."

  • Strictly comply with the regulations on storage temperature for variety of foods.
  • Writr clearly the date of food stock-in supplier and stock-out according to the FIFO rule
  • Temperature of freezer must be checked regularly
  • Fresh fish must be covered in ice if not in fridge.
  • Food cover must be specialized.
  • Foods of a contaminous nature (such as fress fish, meat) must not be stored together
  • Food must be stored on specilized shelves. Putting ffod ground is PROHIBITED
  • Cleanser and similar detergents must be stored away from food
  • The whole process must be carried out in an orderly and sequential manner with every position, tool, doer clearly identified: Getting food -> pre-treament -> processing -> sample storage -> dividing food -> serving -> cleaning -> garbage processing
  • Opened food must be used one time only or share other box if cannot use in time.
  • Processing rooms, especially for fresh fish, meat, egg, milk must be cleaned at least once per day and well air-conditioned.
  • Do not allow oil temperature over 180*C when frying
  • Do not re-use fried oil.
  • Always check food again before use, do not rely only on date lables
  • Always appear brisk, attentive and responsive to customers. Report to captain unanswered or difficult questions
  • Check regularly in order to not serve customers expired food and beverage
  • Be responsible for checking utensils on table before serving (quantity, weight, quality and position)
  • Looking around and filling tools in serving time.
  • Clean up and set up tables after customers leave.
  • Comply strickly with regulations on health, hy giene and uniforms.
  • Equipment for each departments of storage, pre-treatment, food dividing, serving, cleaning, garbage processing is marked clearly to avoid mistakes (use signs, different sizes and clours...)
  • All equipment and containers in the kitchen must be in material of food hygiene and safety, no rust and in good status.
  • Tables for pre-treatment and chopping boards must not be broken, rough; and must be easy to clean and in good hygienic condition
  • Comply strickly with the rule: "GOOD GETTING - THE SAME DELIVERING".
  • All serving staff have to have a periodical medical check (2 times per year).
  • Served food is not be served again (except for unopened bags containing cheese, jam,...)
  • Color-using food or strong smelling food is highlighted in Menu.
  • Clean utensils for serving must be subject to 3-steps rule
    • Rinse to get rid of waste.
    • Clean with specialized cleanser.
    • Rinse with water to sliminate cleanser.
  • For pre-treament rooms and processing food, water-proof, easily cleanced, non-slippery meterial must be used.
  • The kitchen walls must be covered with enameelled tiles up to at least 2 meters from ground.
  • Processing rooms must run industrial fans to eliminate smoke.
  • Water for washing food must be safefy by analyzed table.
  • Perform overall cleaning of kichen once a week (un-freeze, fridges and freezers) and schedule the cleaning which is kept on records for monitoring porposes.
  • The staff at the canteen have to wash their hands as indicated below:
    • When starting work.
    • After pre-treating raw materials.
    • After going to the toilet or contacting dirty surfaces.
    • Wash hands and wear gloves before touching the finished product.
  • If a staff has to perform 2 steps, she has to wash hands 2 times with soap and replace apron.
  • Smoking is prohibited in processing areas.
  • Garbage bin in the kitchen can be opened by leg.
  • There must be enough garbage bags.
  • After each working shift, staff must cover tightly the garbage bag (keep it dry, put broken bags inside good ones) and move to garbage storage.
  • Clean and make dry after each shift.
  • Garbage storage room must be closed and made clear by fan or air-conditioned
  • Used oil must be marked as special garbage and not be poured into regular garbage.
  • Be aware of using, eliminate waste food in breeding.
  • Diagnose diseases and provide medical treatment on time for staff who have infectious diseases.
  • Assure prevention of infectious diseases from spreading.
  • Guarantee strict compliance with the regulations on food hygiene and safety as provided for bt the Ministry of Health.
  • Admin dept is responsible for checking and making sure new staff comply with the rules.
  • Chief of production dept is responsible for controlling the process as regulated.
  • The captain of subsidiary is responsible for arrangement of staff to take health checks every 6 months as well as recording and updating documents as regulated.
  • New staff must obtain health check certificates within 2 weeks from commencement of their job.
  • All employees working in direct or indirect contact with food must take periodical health checks as required by law.
  • Health check documents are provided by Health Dept or district hospitals.
  • Official health documents include:
    • Overall health check certificate.
    • Testing document of disease carrier.
    • Excremental testing paper (parasitic fiding)
    • X-Ray
  • Time to repeat health check should be within 6 months to 12 months.
  • Staff failing to meet health standards approved by Health Dept, must stop working and provided treatment until cured or perform other job positions where they do not work in direct/indirect contact with food.
  • Staff who are transferred to other subsidiaries must bring with them health documents and other personal documents.
  • Health documents must be kept in the office of that subsidiary. All documents must be updated and kept in an easily accessible place.
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